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Update! Many Sitly babysitters are now offering to volunteer for parents with critical jobs during the COVID-19 outbreak. More info.

Find an online tutor to help with homeschooling

Many parents are currently struggling with homeschooling their children during the COVID-19 outbreak. This takes a lot of time and it can be hard to combine with work. It's now possible to find an online tutor for your children on Sitly, who will help you with homeschooling via a tablet or laptop. You can now also offer to be a tutor yourself.

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I am satisfied! I would certainly recommend it!

2 April 2020

Super nice website. I have found 2 sweet, reliable babysitters

1 April 2020

I am satisfied! I would certainly recommend it!

31 March 2020

I am satisfied! I would certainly recommend it!

30 March 2020
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“Because Lisa babysits one evening a week, we have time for each other again.” ~ Sanne (parent)
Read about Sanne & Lisa
“Anne always sends me photos so I know how things are going. I really like that.” ~ Merete (parent)
Read about Merete & Anne
“It’s nice that Hanna does the things with Nora and Sofie that I can’t find the time for.” ~ Janne (parent)
Read about Janne & Hanna
“When Fanny came for an interview, she almost immediately started to play with Sara, and Noa crawled all over her.” ~ Charlotte (parent)
Read about Charlotte & Fanny
“Because Marie picks up Joachim from school every week, he no longer has to go to after school care.” ~Karin (parent)
Read about Karin & Marie